Voice Search is Less Popular in 2019, According to New Study


Voice Search is Less Popular in 2019, According to New Study

Voice search is trending downward in terms of how likely people are to use it for looking up information.

Voice Recognition: Setup & Commands

When you’re driving, it’s often easier to say what you need rather than accessing the various controls.
The UVO link with Navigation infotainment system with UVO’s Voice Recognition system helps you access various functions without pressing buttons or keys.
This helps you interact with the system without distraction.
For best results, close the sunroof, roll up the windows, and reduce the fan speed.
On the steering wheel, press the Talk button and Voice Recognition starts.
[SYSTEM SAYS: “Please say a command.”]
When you hear the beep, say a command, like: “Call Lisa Smith.”
[SYSTEM SAYS: “Calling Lisa Smith.”]
You’ll notice when you press the Talk button, the icon on the screen changes from a speaker to a microphone – that means the system is listening to what you’re saying. And, there are three icons on the left-hand side of the screen:
And Music.
You have the option to call the last person dialed… call a contact… or, enter a new number manually.
{Call Lisa Smith}
Or you can say things like, “Call work”…
You can also ask the system to Dial a number…
Send a message…
Or, change Bluetooth device.
You have the option to find an address… or search a category….
{Find gas stations]
You can also access frequently visited destinations… Address Book… and Traffic Information.
You can say: Go Home. Go to Work.
You can also pick which radio band you want to listen to: FM, AM or SiriusXM.
{Play SiriusXM 100]
The system will also play music from the connected Media device
To end Voice Recognition, just say “Exit.”
Or, on the voice recognition screen, press “Exit.”
You can also press the end call button on the Steering Wheel.
When you are using Voice Recognition, you will notice various icons on the screen: a Phone icon, a Navigation icon and a Music icon.
Pressing the Phone button gives you the option to call the last person dialed, call a new contact, or enter a new number manually.
Selecting the Navigation or compass icon gives you the option to find an address, Find POIs, or cancel a route.
Pressing the Music icon allows you to select a radio band using the touchscreen or voice command.
Voice Recognition and your UVO link with Navigation infotainment system helps you interact without distractions.
For additional information on how to use the Voice Recognition system, please refer to the Car Multimedia System User’s Manual or the Kia Features & Functions Videos YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

Dynamic Voice Recognition | Hyundai

Model shown in video is for demonstration purposes only. Availability and functionality on your vehicle may vary.

The Dynamic Voice Recognition system in your Hyundai allows you to use voice commands to control many vehicle features, navigate to points of interests, and even obtain stock, weather, and sports information. Watch this video to learn the different available functions as well as how to use them.

Applicable models (if equipped):
2020+ Hyundai SONATA
2020+ Hyundai SONATA Hybrid
2021+ Hyundai ELANTRA
2022+ Hyundai ELANTRA N
2021+ Hyundai ELANTRA Hybrid
2022+ Hyundai IONIQ 5
2023+ Hyundai IONIQ 6
2020+ Hyundai KONA
2020+ Hyundai KONA Electric
2022+ Hyundai KONA N
2019+ Hyundai NEXO
2022+ Hyundai TUCSON
2022+ Hyundai TUCSON Hybrid
2022+ Hyundai TUCSON Plug-In
2022+ Hyundai SANTA CRUZ
2021+ Hyundai SANTA FE
2021+ Hyundai SANTA FE Hybrid
2021+ Hyundai SANTA FE Plug-In
2022+ Hyundai VELOSTER N
2020+ Hyundai VENUE

Learn more about your Hyundai:

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Dynamic Voice Recognition | Hyundai


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Microsoft Advertising 2019 Voice Report

Download the report today at https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-us/insights/2019-voice-report

Search is moving from a place of answers to a state of action

The age of touch as the primary user interface is giving way to a new age of voice and digital assistants.

Consumers can now engage with search engines on a deeper level and in more meaningful ways by the power of their voice. But voice itself is not the next big disruptor. There is an even bigger disruption on the horizon: Conversational AI and its impact on consumer behavior. Voice assistance is becoming the norm, as 72% of surveyed respondents reported using a digital assistant in the past 6 months. While voice technology and digital assistants are still in the early stages of adoption, they are on the cusp of crossing the chasm into mainstream adoption. As marketers, we need to start preparing our conversational AI strategies today to stay ahead of the curve.

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