Google Introduces Relative Mobile Conversion Rate Metric


Google Introduces Relative Mobile Conversion Rate Metric

Google officially introduces Relative Mobile Conversion Rate, a way to measure and improve mobile conversion rates.

How to compare your Google Play conversion rate with your competitors.

How do you know how your app store conversion rates are good? How do you know how they stack up against your competitors? In this video we show you how you can use the Google Play dev console to find out.

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CRO Class: Learn Conversion Rate Optimization

Learn Conversion Rate Optimization. Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the most effective way to increase the overall value of your website traffic.

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Or anything else you consider a conversion on your site.

In this webinar, you will learn conversion rate optimization. Specifically, we will teach you the foundations of CRO and guide you through a 4-step framework designed to help you find the right elements to optimize on your site.

Ignite Visibility Director of CRO Randy Anderson and Director of Product Management Danny Conlon join CEO John Lincoln as they teach you how to navigate the CRO cycle and run your own successful conversion tests.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll learn Conversion Rate Optimization. You’ll understand . . .
– How to use Google Analytics to find friction points on your website
– How to execute A/B tests to determine what is working for your site and what isn’t
– How to create a testing plan – so you’ll never have to wonder what to test next
– The specific stack of tools we use to evaluate and test client sites
– How to structure a long-term CRO program for your business

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2023 Conversion rate optimization secrets

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Eric Siu shares simple steps you can do that will make a big difference to your current conversion rates.

00:00 – Adding various payment options is a big difference (20% Conversion Rate increase)
00:32 – How to use exit pop-ups the right way
00:58 – Use personalization tools to improve user experience
01:10 – What is a check-out bump and how to use it?
01:33 – Refine and improve your headline and messaging


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Is Conversion Rate A Vanity Metric In Google Ads?

Conversion rate can be a vanity metric in Google Ads unless you take into account ROAs, Average CPC, and Average Order Value (AOV) in consideration.

Becuase search, shopping, display, youtube, discover, and gmail networks operate differently, the audience behavior on these platforms is different and therefore the Averate CTR and Average CPC can be much lower than search and shopping network.

Therefore, a higher conversion rate on a search campaign can turn out to be lower ROAS compared a display campaign with lower conversion rate.

As a store owner, you shouldn’t look at conversion rate in Google Ads in isolation, to understand performance of the campaigns. You should rather look at ROAS or ROAS by time, Average order value and Average CPC to connect the dots.

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