Google Assistant to Return More Detailed Search Results on Android


Google Assistant to Return More Detailed Search Results on Android

An update to Google Assistant on Android devices will allow it to provide better visual responses and more complete information.

How To Make Google Assistant Read Your Articles Out Loud

First, you need to Set Up the Voice Match on Your Device If It’s Not Yet enabled.
To do that. Go to your device’s Settings app. Scroll down until you find Google and tap on it. Select “Account Services then Search, Assistant & Voice and finally select Voice. Now Find and tap on the “Voice Match” feature under the Hey Google category. Make sure the Google Assistant toggle is on. Also, turn on “Hey Google” under Voice Match. Once Hey Google is on, Google will ask you to say a few phrases so that it can learn your voice.

Now open any article that you want to read out loud. Once opened, say ok google, read it or hey google, read it, to your microphone.

The first time you’ll attempt this command, Google Assistant will probably say it can’t do that because “Screen Context” needs to be turned on first, just turn it on. A pop-up window will promptly appear on the screen asking you to give the Google app access to use your screen context. Tap OK. You don’t have to go looking through Settings on your own.

Now go back to the article and ask the Assistant once again to “Read It.” This time it will surely oblige and say “Got it” or “OK.” It takes a few seconds, as the virtual helper scans the piece before starting to read it out loud.
Once the Assistant starts reading to you, it will open the webpage in a dedicated “Read It” browser which features a playback control bar in the lower part of the display where you can pause/play, rewind or skip forward. In addition, there’s an option to increase the speed at which the Assistant reads to you by 0.5x to 3x.

The best part is if you don’t understand the Language of the article you can also change its language. Just tap on the three dot menu, select translation now choose your language and done. The article will be live audio translated to your selected language. You can also change the read aloud voice from the given options.

That’s it guys this is how you can Make Google Assistant Read Your Articles Out Loud.

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How to Allow Personal Results

10 Cool Uses of Google Assistant on Android (2022)

Google Assistant has been getting smarter and is at a point where it can do a lot of things you didn’t know! From sending a simple whatsapp message to taking timed selfies – #Googleassistant can do a lot for your #android phone. #tipsandtricks

00:00 Send Whatsapp Messages
00:18 Find Emails from specific person or subject
00:41 Scan and find within Google Photos
01:17 Share location temporarily
01:47 Take a selfie specifying timer
02:11 Ask Assistant to Read Articles
02:43 Make Calls
03:28 Song ID!
03:54 Change System Settings
04:47 Delete Search History
05:25 Toss a Coin
05:39 Setup your Family

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